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'Dead And Easy Money'

Season 2, Episode 4


Written by Stephen J. Cannell
Directed by Michael Preece
Created by Stephen J. Cannell
Produced by Lorenzo Lamas
Theme by Mike Post

Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines
Branscombe Richmond as Bobby Sixkiller
Kathleen Kinmont as Cheyenne Philips
Stephen J. Cannell as Dutch Dixon
Cyndi Pass as Denise Denison (?)
Forry Smith
Tim Wrightman
Mike Jolly
Eric Poppick
Ron Johnson as Sgt. Woody Bickford
Mark Gadbois as Lonnie Sappio
Bernard Baldan as Sergeant
Mark Taylor as Mace
George Fisher as Cop #1
Kirk Kinder as Cop #2
Charmine Charles as Officer
Barbara Savage as Reporter

First broadcast in America on 4/10/1993


It is night time. Two men trampoline over an electric fence and sabotage a police van, their motives unclear. It is the next day. This same couple attack the same van as it breaks down. They take the van away leaving the policemen behind.

It is another day (or possibly the same one - who knows) and one of these men is playing volleyball on the beach. Reno looks on (as do, funnily enough, many women in scanty bikinis.) As Reno notices the man lose his temper with another player, he checks again his wanted notice - the man's name is John Sharp, and Reno's going in.

Reno follows the man and his entourage to the nearby bar. There he is served by Avalon Jones, an 'actress' (i.e. beauty queen) who is slumming as a waitress, possibly saving up for a new brain. Fortunately for Reno, she knows the group, and is invited to a beach party with them the same evening. Reno is invited along, but even before arriving, he runs into Sharp, who is jealous of Avalon's attentions. A tension builds.

Later at the party, Reno speaks to Avalon again, discovering her real name to be Mildred Hemsecker, a name she deemed unworthy as an actress. Reno moves away to find Sharp hidden under a dingy assaulting a young woman. The two fight, but Reno is, of course, the better man. He takes Sharp in. However, on escorting Sharp to his car, Reno is attacked by an unseen assailant. As he falls into unconciousness, we see it is Avalon who has struck him from behind.

As Reno awakes, he finds himself hand-cuffed to a motel bed. Avalon is examining his belongings, but she stops as he comes around and begins to interrogate him. Using her computer skills and the information on Reno's Harley, she deduces that he is Reno Raines, rather than Vince Black. Frustrated, Reno instructs her to call Sixkiller Enterprises. She does so, asking for a $12,000 reward. Of course, her real name is not Avalon, and she doesn't have the IQ of a small insect, but Reno is not treated to the details.

Cheyenne makes the rendezvous to hand over the money. There she recognises Reno's captor as Denise Denison (a very 'Renegade' name!). She hands over the money and then rescues Reno, taking him back to Bobby. There, Chey and Bobby fill Reno in on Denise. She is a bounty hunter, and practically undefeatable. In fact, only one man ever got the best of him - Kyle Stapio. Years ago he evaded her capture and chained her to a dead-end sign in only her underwear. A photograph made media headlines, and she has been after him ever since.

We cut across town to John Sharp as he meets... (wait for it)... Kyle Stapio. Kyle asks John whether 'the boxes' have been destroyed, and is upset to find that they haven't been. Very mysterious.

Due to some detective work at a leasing agency, Bobby and Chey discover that Sharp has rented a boat house, and they decide to investigate. Their interest in the case has risen sharply as they grapple with unanswered questions. Why is Denise here? Why did she take Reno out instead of Sharp? They do discover that she has beaten them to the knowledge of Sharp's boathouse, so they proceed as soon as possible.

When they arrive, they find Sharp and Stapio ready for them. Chey, Bobby and Reno are taken prisoner, and Sharp is left to deal with them. Only the arrival of Denise prevents bloodshed - she takes Sharp down and releases the three captors. The four come to an uneasy truce - rewards will be split two ways between Denise and Sixkiller Enterprises, and they will work as a team. Denise reveals that the boxes in the captured police van are full of evidence to convict Stapio's brother. Without the evidence, there is no case. They decide to stay with Sharp until morning and then go to court and see what happens. During the night, Denise and Reno grow closer and share a brief kiss.

The next morning, Bobby and Chey take Sharp in, whilst Denise and Reno go to court. There, Denise phones the police, summoning them to collect Reno. She then tells Reno what she has done - her only purpose was to get rid of him, thus re-establishing her control of the case. Reno flees as the police arrive. At his rendezvous with Bobby and Chey, he confesses all. Luckily, Chey, who has been deeply distrustful of Denise from the word go, has planted a tracking device on her car. They trace her.

Stapio's brother, meanwhile, has been released due to a total lack of evidence against him. As he leaves the court, Denise follows him. However, Stapio is ready, and he ambushes her. This time, there'll be no humiliation - only death. He drives her to the seafront and prepares to kill her. At the last moment, Reno, Bobby and Chey arrive. They defeat Stapio and his assorted henchmen, but the police arrive, and everyone present is taken in. Reno is recognized!

As Bobby, Chey and Denise leave the station, it looks as though the end is in line for Reno. Fortunately, Denise feels bad for landing him in trouble, so she hacks into the station computers and jumbles Reno's identity and charge. As Dixon and Woody arrive to take Reno away, Reno is released, a free man. Dixon is left fuming with rage at an empty cell as Reno, once more, rides into the sunset.


"That guy sitting in the corner - he's something isn't he!" - Reno to Avalon (Densise). Rather makes it sound like he digs him!

"Didn't your Mommy ever teach you what 'No' means?" - Reno to Sharp in mid-assualt, proving that even attempted rape can be answered with a witty comment.

"You sound like you stopped at the University to get the air in your head changed." - Reno, the charmer, comments on Avalon's transformation into Denise.

"I got away, but it was like he was trying to take me in, or something." - Sharp to Stapio on his encounter with Reno, proving what a perceptive man he is.

"You're just too smooth and bitchin' aren't you, Denise." - not that Chey's jealous. Oh no.

"She's as fast as a lark and as prickly as a porcupine." - Bobby summing up Denise to Reno.

"Why does she go for you and not Sharp?" - asks Bobby of Reno. The answer, of course, is that Denise wanted Sharp to get to Stapio. Now, obviously Bobby didn't know that, but surely the fact that Sharp was worth $10,000 and Reno was worth $12,000 was answer enough.

"You know honey, you're wearing real thin." - not that Chey's jealous. Oh no.

"Come on. I'm not that easily recognisable." - Reno to Denise, proving that two years on the run scrambles a man's brain.


If Sharp and his partner trampolined over the electric fence to get at the police vehicle at night, how did they get back over again in order to leave?

Denise may be a fine bounty hunter, but her adoptation of disguise is pure Sixkiller. Avalon the waitress is, like, the most unbelieveable, like, character to ever, like, be on Renegade. For sure.

Bobby and Chey drive a 'RENEGADE' jeep. Very clever.

Despite 'not being easily recognisable', surely it's pretty stupid for Reno to walk into a court like that.

Changing Reno's record in the police station is very clever, but surely someone would have noticed Reno come in. After all, the arrival of a notorious wanted 'cop-killer' in a small town police station would surely be of some interest to all.


Denise as Avalon. What an actress. For sure.


"Very, very bad!! Probably one of the worst episodes I've ever watched. It's only plus was to include Dixon and Woody." 1.5 / 5

"Any episode in which you relish the appearance of Woody Bickford on the grounds that he's a sensible character is surely cause for concern. Enough to make your brain melt if watched without the commercials."

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