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'No Good Deed'

Series 2, Episode 5


Written by Richard C. Okie
Directed by Russel Olberg
Created by Stephen J. Cannell
Produced by Lorenzo Lamas
Theme by Mike Post

Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines
Branscombe Richmond as Bobby Sixkiller
Kathleen Kinmont as Cheyenne Philips
Scott Kraft as Randy Dupree
Karen Moncrieff
Kari Whitman
Carlos Carrasco
Don Keith Opper
Shirley Saunders as Judge
Oskar Granquist as Bouncer
Ken Perkins as Rick
Mark Anthony as Restaurant Manager
David Montalbano as Officer Baker
Lauren Trensel as Girlfriend

First broadcast in America on 11/10/1993


It is late at night and a man approaches a bar. The bar is closing, and he claims his girlfriend is inside, but he is clearly up to no good. Once inside, the man goes into the lavatory and draws out his shotgun. The bouncer on the door finally realises he has been duped, but it is too late. The man draws his gun and kills him, and the barman, before taking the money and running.

The next morning, the police are in a frenzy. The crime has been committed by The Closer, Randy Dupree - a serial murderer and robber who always robs at closing time - the last to go in and the last to come out. However, he is at large.

Reno, meanwhile, is finding time once more to wallow in wis woes at his lifestyle. He meets a woman in a launderette, and two flirt. Reno promises a date before he realises that the woman is a policewoman. Disillusioned, he is awakened again to the sorry life he leads.

However, he has little time for self pity, as Sixkiller Enterprises take the Dupree case. Bobby has chased the man before and relishes the chance to bring him in for good. He and Reno go to a street informer who tells them where to find Dupree' woman. He claims it is all he knows, but it's good enough for Reno.

Randy goes to the house of the woman, Casey. She hasn't seen him for a while, and she is clearly unhappy to see him now, but he makes himself at home, demanding food and affection. Then he leaves, but Reno follows. Reno follows Dupree to a restaurant where he is inevitably going to commit his crimes again. As Reno waits outside for the right time, he is found by two policeman. Finding a suspiscious looking man loitering outside a restaurant at closing time brings the men to suspect Reno as the villain. They try to bring him in, but in the knowledge the The Closer is about to strike, Reno takes them both out and runs inside. He is too late - the deed is done. One man is dead, and a young woman critical. Reno pursues Dupree, but he is gone.

Reno tracks Casey again the next day. She is unwilling to talk until Reno points out that, to Dupree, she is a dangerous loose end, and The Closer leaves no loose ends. She tells Reno that Dupree has gone to an ammo store to buy for his gun. Reno tracks him. He gets away, but Reno pursues, and this time brings him in.

Dupree is arrested, but the police acknowledge that they will have to let him go as there is no solid case against him - Jean, the prosecutor tells Bobby that they have no witnesses - the woman at the resteraunt died in hospital. Unfortunately, Bobby tells her that he knew about the waitress, despite the fact that she was top secret. She realises that Bobby must have had another witness, and even links it to the 'long hair' wanted for assault on two police officers.

Reno tracks down Casey and persuades her to testify in court against Dupree in an attempt to hold him. She is reluctant, but she agrees. At the hearing, however, she is too intimadated by Dupree's presence to hold to her convictions. She provides him with an alibi. Seething, Jean announces in court that Bobby has another witness. Bobby refuses to divulge who, and is held in contempt of court. Dupree is set free and Bobby is taken into custody.

Reno realises drastic action is called for, and he meets with Jean. He tells her who he is and makes her an offer - he will bring in Dupree and testify against him if she can arrange a vastly reduced penalty for his own alleged crimes. She is sceptical, but eventually agrees.

The next morning, Bobby returns home and tells Reno that all has been arranged - Reno will be convicted to eighteen months on a manslaughter charge and two years probation. This is good enough for Reno, as it will, after all, give him his life back at the end of the ordeal.

Reno goes after Dupree again, but all does not go well. He ambushes Reno and reveals that he has contacts in jail who are enemies of Reno. Announcing with relish that prison inmates will be less than kind to Reno since they know he is an ex-cop and a bounty hunter, he gags and ties Reno and dumps him on the steps of the police station with a copy of his wanted poster.

Jean smuggles Reno out of jail, forcing him to hit her in order to make his 'escape' look convincing. He then goes after Dupree again, and this time confronts him in a grocery store that he is attempting to rob. In the resulting gunfight, Dupree is shot dead.

Reno returns to Jean having done some serious thinking. He has realised that there was no deal. She had no interest in him, she just wanted Dupree dead, as she knew she could never convict him. His easy escape from the prison leads him to conclude that the courts and the police force were also involved. She neither accepts or denies these accusations, simply calling the police for Reno's arrest and telling him to flee. He does.

That's it. Sound abrupt? Well, it is.



"That dryer will burn your underwear to a crisp... if you wear underwear that is..."
"Stick around, you might find out."
- Reno flirts with a cop. If only he knew.

"I'd be happy for a casual friendship, but it never seems to happen."
"You've got Bobby."
- Is Chey being deliberately shifty here? It seems fairly obvious that a friendship with Bobby isn't exactly what he had in mind...

"I love coconuts. You can eat them, drink milk out of them..." - Reno, explaining to Chey why he should move to Bali. Unfortunately, Bobby interupts this fascinating list, as it leaves us wondering what the third use of a coconut is (answers on a postcard!).

"We're not looking for his old lady."
"If you'd seen her, you might be."
- Bobby's informer to Reno.

"Why did you have to kill them?"
"So I wouldn't get caught."
- Dupree teaches Chasey the elementary building blocks of a criminal career.

"I'm sick and tired of... being... sick and tired." - Reno shows his supreme imagination.



If The Closer is such a big league villain and he has again arrived on the scene, would it not have been prudent of the police to circulate some kind of warning and description to the nearby clubs, bars, restaurants and shops? This would have proved beneficial in the second attack, at least.

Reno is persuaded to hit Jean in the face to make it look like he broke free. Next time he meets Jean (the next day) her face is unmarked.

In actual fact, there are very few points in this episodes plot to pull it apart by. It does hang together fairly well. It should be noted however, that the ending is confusing and weak, and comes as something as an anti climax to an otherwise well constructed episode.


The shoot out in the general store at the episode's end is quite well put togther, and a good bit of action in the show. Particularly impressive is the way Reno pushes a trolley across Dupree's line of vision and then holds him up from behind.


"This episode starts badly then gets much better. It builds up for a great ending. Unfortunately, this ending never happens. The ending that does occur is rubbish. Good, if you don't watch the beginning or the end." 2.9 / 5

"Well, the beginning is unremarkable rather than bad (I would say), but the end really is scraping the barrel. It's confusing and odd, and it happens far too quickly. Other than that, this is typical solid fare."

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