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'The Hound'

Season 2, Episode 1


Written by Bill Nuss
Directed by Michael Levine
Created by Stephen J. Cannell
Produced by Lorenzo Lamas
Theme by Mike Post

Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines
Branscombe Richmond as Bobby Sixkiller
Kathleen Kinmont as Cheyenne Philips
Stephen J. Cannell as Dutch Dixon
Geoffrey Blake as Hound Adams
Ron Johnson as Sgt. Woody Bickford
Race Nelson as Jackson Perry
Gregory Brown as Officer McGuire
Michael Scott Greenlee as Officer Paxton
Dan Woren as Bartender
Lisa Dark
Diana Bellamy

First broadcast in America on 18/9/1993


It is one year since the fateful day when Val died and Reno's life as a fugitive began. On the anniversary of her death, Reno brings flowers to the grave. There he is ambushed by Dutch Dixon and Woody. Evading them, he drives into the police road block they have bought along. He manages to escape, but it has been a close thing. He has been shot in the shoulder, and is forced to make a stop at a local hospital. A friend of Val's - Dr Helen McCabe - helps him, and promises to keep quiet.

Bobby and Chey are concerned for Reno's safety - Dixon could bring him down at any point. Bobby buys him a holiday in Hawaii as a thank you for his hard work, and an incentive to get away for a while, but Reno is unconvinced.

Dixon is indeed on Reno's trail. He stops at the hospital to quiz Dr McCabe, but she is unforthcoming. Her receptionist, however, did not take to Reno, and begins to keep her eyes open.

In a bar somewhere in America (reasonably close to Bay City, but that could be anywhere), a man named 'The Hound' starts a drunken bar room brawl. He comes out best, but he is then swiftly arrested and taken into custody. His one phone call is to Bobby, with some startling news. Hound Adams tells Bobby that he has evidence that Reno is innocent of his charges. Claiming to be the brother of Hog Adams, the man who Buzzy Burrell sprang from jail in order to kill Reno. He is mysterious about what form the evidence takes, but his knowledge of the situation is enough to intrigue Bobby, and he promises to bail him out in exchange for the evidence. However, he is beaten to it by Dutch Dixon.

Dixon is very interested in Hound when he comes in - Hound is the only unreliable loose end that could jeopardise his own situation - Hog Adams and Buzzy Burrell are both dead (and Woody, presumeably, is too stupid to understand what's going on in any case.) Dixon finds the Hound and promises to guarantee his safety in exchange for handing over his evidence - if not, prison could be dangerous. Hound refuses, knowing that Dixon would have him killed as easily as he did his brother in any case.

Bobby arrives at the station at the same time that The Hound is taken away. However, in between these times, Hound has obviously reconsidered Dixon's offer. Dixon has provided him with a knife, and the Hound escapes. He phones Bobby and tells him more about the evidence. Apparently the evidence is a tape recording of Buzzy Burrell telling Hog to kill Reno, and then Hog telling the whole sordid story to Hound. Bobby knows that this is enough to not only save Reno, but put Dixon behind bars, but The Hound raises the price to $100,000. They decide to try another way.

Chey tracks down The Hound's girlfriend, Darleen. Pretending not to know, she claims that she is pregnant with The Hounds child. Furious, Darleen hurries off to find The Hound. She is followed by Reno. At The Hound's hideaway, his protests to Darleen fall on death ears until Reno arrives. Taking The Hound by force, Reno makes his way from the building. Dixon and Woody are in wait, and another shoot-out occurs. This time, The Hound is shot in the shoulder, and Reno is forced to return to the hospital. The receptionist calls Dixon.

Dixon arrives at the hospital, but Reno is gone. Dr McCabe claims that The Hound died on her table and Reno took the body. Dixon hurries off in pursuit. In fact, Bobby has collected Reno and The Hound, who is very much still alive. Reluctantly, he guides them to a boat on which his evidence is hidden. He plays a fragment of the tape to Reno and Bobby, and it is everything he could have hoped for. However, as the Hound is about to hand it over, Dixon arrives. A fight ensues, during which the Hound escapes with the tape. Reno knocks Dixon unconcious, but The Hound has had too great a start on him, and he is long gone.

Reno is frustrated, but he knows he has a purpose now. Evidence to clear his name is in existence, and his mission in life from this moment is to find the Hound again.

(The next two episodes, at least make no mention of the Hound, Reno's mission to find the Hound, or the evidence that will clear Reno's name.)


"I'm gonna get you Reno Raines - I swear it."

"You'll be happy to know that your .38 caliber 'curtain rail' went straight through." - Dr McCabe subtly expresses her opinion of Reno's cover story. He fell from a stool while hanging curtains in the dark at 4am apparently.

"Your friend, Reno Raines, was set up."
"Tell me something I don't know."
- Bobby and The Hound make each other's acquaintance.

"You're gonna put in $50,000 for him."
"If it'll get this guy's life back, I'd pay a million."
- noble sentiments from Bobby which rather fall apart when he later declares $100,000 to be too high a price.

"I think I'll take my chance with a jury. At least then I've got a one in twelve chance of finding an honest man!" - The Hound to Dixon. That must sting.

"Bobby, I think it's really cool what you're doing for Reno." - Chey becomes star-struck.


Dixon's ambush is the worst attempt at an ambush ever. Two men sent in and one car. Surely taking in ONE MAN can't be so hard.

As soon as Hound pushes the guy in the bar through the window, police sirens begin, and the police arrive in seconds. Now that's rather efficient isn't it.

Dixon commands the officer on duty to leave he and The Hound alone. One police officer doing unobserved interrogation of a prisoner. Must be illegal, surely?

Was The Hound stupid enough to go home after escaping from the police, or he did he rent and furnish another house really fast?

Reno leaves his bike behind at The Hound's appartment. Why doesn't Dixon impound it as property of a felon?

Dr Helen wears full sterilized clothing when treating the Hound. Yet although Reno is just as close to him most of the time, he wears nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps this is for the same reason that he never wears a crash helmet?

At the end of the episode (and this is quite a big one) what does The Hound gain from keeping the cassette. Okay, he may expect to be able to coerce more money from Bobby (although this seems unlikely), but with Dixon on his tail, surely it;d be worth getting him put away. Not to mention the fact that Dixon killed his brother, and surely he'd want revenge for that?


This may have been fully revealed in the pilot episode, or it may not have been. Either way, it's told here, and it's essential to the workings of Renegade.
Reno Raines was framed for murder as he was about to uncover the corruption of Buzzy Burrell and Dutch Dixon. Buzzy sprang Hog Adams from jail and asked him to kill Val with Reno's own back up gun. This Hog did, thus framing murder. Buzzy Burrell was killed by Dixon, and Reno was framed for this also. Hog recounted the whole story to his brother Hound, and Dixon later arranged the death of Hog. Hound and Hog recorded their converstion (as well as other key moments), and Hound now has this evidence.


Reno, on hearing that The Hound has 'some news' - the long zoom in - the expression on the face. It's all there.


"A good episode that a lot of background information. Great to see the whole team getting involved." 4 / 5

"A good season opener, in that it re-establishes what has gone before (or introduces it for those of us who haven't before had the pleasure. The story is slightly jumbled (of course), but the characters muddle through, and the opening left at the end, though predictable, leaves scope for future episodes. Solid stuff, without being particularly exciting."

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