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'White Picket Fences'

Season 2, Episode 3


Written by Charles Grant Craig
Directed by Bruce Kessler
Created by Stephen J. Cannell
Produced by Lorenzo Lamas
Theme by Mike Post

Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines
Branscombe Richmond as Bobby Sixkiller
Yvonne Suhor as Kim McClain
Ron Ely as Reverend McClain
Don Swayze as John Poe
Rob Youngblood as Henry Briggs
Michael Gaines as Ticket Clerk
James Hourigan as Doctor
Harold MacPherson as Ticket Agent
Anna-Marie McKay as Old Woman
Richard Retes as Sergeant
Spike Sorrentino as Detective
Greg Woodhill as Kid

First broadcast in America on 27/9/1993


It's another normal night for Reno as he lurks in the shadows at a train station waiting for a bounty. John Poe, a dangerous wanted man. Reno unfortuantely messes up the situation, and Poe escapes. However, as part of his escape, he kills a man and steals his car in front of a witness - Kim McLain, a naive country girl who has never before been to the city. Like the good hearted fellow that he is, he takes her under his wing. Just as well, because Poe makes an attempt on her life, and Reno saves it.

The police don't take long to recapture Poe, and Reno persuades a nervous Kim to identify him in a line-up parade. This she does, and all are happy. Kim returns home to Oak Valley and our tale ends happily. But wait - Poe is out of prison! Why - we don't know. How - we are never told, but there we are. Reno and Bobby realise pretty quickly where Poe's going to go. If Kim is killed, she cannot testify, and the police will have no case (erm, seems unlikely, but we'll deal with that later.) Reno decides therefore to do the decent thing and flee to Kim's side for protection. He has little time - Poe knows where Kim was headed from the train times in order at the time of his arrest.

Reno arrives in Oak Valley and discovers that Kim is the daughter of a Reverend - an over protective father who believes that all outside Oak Valley is intrinsically evil. He doesn't warm to Reno, but he grudgingly accepts the need for Reno's protection. A man not so underanding is local cop Henry Briggs - the man Kim's father has lined up for marriage to his daughter. He doesn't trust Reno from the word go, and is very jealous and suspicious.

One night, Poe makes his inevitable first attack. Although it fails, Reno is shot in the arm. A throwaway remark by the doctor about Reno having been shot before adds to the suspicious of both Henry and Rev McClain. A punch up with Reno over Kim's possession also does his standing little good in the eyes of Henry. Of course, he is powerless on his own. Reno, meanwhile, calls Bobby in for extra help.

One morning before church, Reno and Kim talk. Reno attempts to persuade Kim live her own life - to go to art college as she dreams of, and to stop allowing her father to rule her life. The reverend over hears and leaves the house demanding Kim's presence in church in half an hours time, and Reno's absence from the lives by the end of the service.

Kim becomes upset and she and Reno enjoy a passionate kiss. She is clearly willing to go further, but like a true gentleman, Reno does not take advantage of her inexperience and naiveity. However, before they can discuss things any further, Poe strikes again. This time it's serious, and he sets fire to the McClain's car. However, despite his huge gun, he is too scared to come closer, and he flees when Reno takes action. However, Henry arrives and attempts to arrest Reno - he has discovered his true identity. Only Bobby's arrival and help allow Reno to go after Poe.

Kim flees to the church, perhaps to find her father. Naturally, this is the first place Poe thinks to look, and he finds her there. She hides, and he stalks around the building in a menacing way, hoping to find her. As he does, Reno arrives and shoots him dead the second before he takes Kim's life.

The Reverend finally realises Reno is a good man (after he's shot a man dead in his church). He declares that Reno has been right about a lot of things, and then Bobby arrives to take over, and Reno dashes off before Henry arrives again. When Henry does arrive, it is McClain's influence that persuades him to let Reno be.

Kim and Reno meet once more. She tells him that her father has changed, and that she may well be going to art college after all. Of course, their relationship can go no further due to his lifestyle, but he can drive into the sunset again, in full knowledge of a job well done.


"The city's not that different to the country - just a whole lot dirtier and more dangerous." - a choice comment from Reno. If he's serious, then it's a comment which is extremely banal and, indeed, not true. If it's a joke, then it really isn't funny.

"You saved my life. Maybe twice." - Kim to Reno. No, once.

"We stand before you today Lord, sinners delivered by your faith and life." - I think any leading theologion would be able to say that OUR faith delivers us, not the faith of God.

"No harm befell my little girl." Ah yes, becuase Christians do talk like that. Befell is a word that crops up all the time! Perhaps not.

"It just doesn't add up."
"I'm sorry if addition's not your strong point." - Reno displays customary tact towards Henry.

"I've got no trouble with you Briggs!"
"Well that's where you're wrong." - Reno and Briggs.

"Sixkiller Enterprises - the land meets the sea and believe me, it's all mine." - this seems to be the monumnetally idiotic way that Bobby has taken to answering his phone. What if it was a client man! Would they be impressed by your babbling?

"Save the Monopoly game for later, okay?" - Reno to Bobby, who is less interested in Kim's life, and more interested in where his heliport's going to be.


Reno holds a gun to Poe as he holds Kim. Of course, if Reno were to shoot, he would go straight through her as well.

Bobby seems surprised that he is asked to leave during the line up. Surely as a bounty hunter of long experience, he would be up to speed with such an elementary point.

Why does Poe step up to the partition during the line up? Is it because he couldn't think of a more obvious way to say (in front of police witnesses) 'I know who you are and I'm going to kill you?' What a strange man!

Poe leaving custody is never explained. Nothing is said about how he may have broken out or escaped, and a passing reference is made to him being released? Now this can't be right - even if his murder at the episode's beginning had been proved incorrect, he was still a man with a price on his head - what would they be doing setting him free?
For all that's said about Poe being a free man if Kim is out of the picture, this surely can't be true for the same reasons.

The Reverend seems to think that all outside Oak Valley is an evil domain of Satan. This seems to be portrayed as perfectly normal Christian behaviour. This would be very offensive if Renegade didn't so innacurately portray absolutely everyone anyway.

Henry wears normal clothing to church, but his police uniform to Sunday lunch. Why?

The Doctor tells Reno that his scars indicate he has been shot before. This is true, of course, but no scars are apparent - even the wound he recieved from Dixon a mere fortnight ago doesn't seem to be indicated. Remarkable!

Poe seems very reluctant to come out into the open and kill Kim. This seems a bit out of character for him, considering his happiness to gun a man down at the beginning of the episode. After all, if he had attacked unsuspectingly (which he could have done at any point), he could surely have shot Reno (in fact - he does) and then finish the job (which he doesn't).


Hard to say in this particular episode. Guest actors Yvonne Suher & Ron Ely are worth mentioning for their portrayals of Kim and McClain respectively.


"A good episode. An excellent if stupid plotline. It's pretty much the same as Sheriff Reno, but with a crazy priest. Worth a watch." 3 / 5

"Cliched even by Renegade standards, the concept of disrupting simple village life will be done again on Renegade, and even Henry's jealous/suspicious/useless local cop character will be almost carbon copied for 'Sherrif Reno. Still, you don't watch an episode of Renegade for quality drama, you watch it for fun, and this is fun."

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