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Robert "Bobby" Sixkiller!
Robert "Bobby" Sixkiller
Robert John Standing Bear Sixkiller, better known amongst his friends, enemies, and acquantainces simply as Bobby, was born in the Arizona badlands sometime in the late 1950's. A son of a tribal chief, Bobby was raised to hopefully follow in his father, and grandfather's footsteps. He was taught the ways his tribe, learning many skills that would prove invaluble to him once he became a bounty hunter. His mother died when Bobby was at a young age, and for many years he relied upon his father as his only true family. When Bobby was 9 years old, his reservation school welcomed a new teacher. Miss Philips, along with daughter Cheyenne, also known as "Chey", quickly assimilated themselves with the local inhabitants of the reservation. Bobby's father took notice of the new teacher and soon after they were married. Bobby got along nicely with his new step sister Cheyenne, forming what would become a lifelong bond between the two.

Upon leaving the reservation, Bobby joined the United States Marine Corps rising to the rank of Sergeant before leaving to persue other interests. He soon found his way to Nathan "Living Legend" Wayne, a highly renowned bounty hunter, known throughout the southwest as always being able to catch his man. Eventually, Bobby broke away and formed Sixkiller Enterprises with his sister Chey. While the business was primarily focused on bounty hunting, rumors about Bobby also ran operations for several other companies from there as well.

Sixkiller's affiliation with Reno Raines began in 1992 when Bay City police Lt. Donald "Dutch" Dixon framed Raines for murder. Knowing Sixkiller is the best in the business, Dixon goes to Bobby and hires him to bring Reno back to justice. But after Reno saved he and Chey from Hogg's biker gang, Bobby soon changed his mind about Reno. Giving him 85% of all the bounties he collects and an additional monthly cashflow, Bobby hired Reno, finding himself a worthy, yet unexpected partner.

Meanwhile, back at Bay City...