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Cheyenne "Chey" Philips!
Cheyenne "Chey" Philips
Cheyenne "Chey" Philips first met Bobby Sixkiller when she arrived at the Navajo reservation where he lived. her mother was a school teacher, who got a job teaching reservation children. Her mother eventually married Bobby's father, a Navajo tribal elder, and she became Bobby's sister. She and Bobby have become quite close over the years, and have remained that way to this day.

Chey is a valuable asset to Sixkiller Enterprises not only for her computer skills, but her ability to go undercover to help Bobby get his man.

Her job isn't without it's hazards. In the line of duty, she has been hit with a grenade, shot at, drug around by bikers, shoved around by Dutch Dixon, and pushed out the back of a Ryder truck by Hound Adams.

However, due to her real life alter ego, Kathleen, been fired during the fourth season, Cheyenne spent the next two years on "vacation." That also put an end to anything that might of ever happened between she and Reno.

Meanwhile, back at Bay City...