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U.S. Marshal Donald "Dutch" Dixon!
U.S. Marshal Donald "Dutch" Dixon
He's the man you love to hate. United States Marshal Donald "Dutch" Dixon, formerly a Lt. with the Bay City police dept., epitomizes the face of evil. If trouble is around, Dixon can't be far away. Many theories abound as to how Dixon got the nickname Dutch. Most will tell you he got it from the term "Doing the Dutch" which is what police call it when the suspect is killed or "falls down the stairs" while in an officer or officers custody. Truth be told that is NOT where Dutch comes from. Melissa Dixon revealed in the "For Better, For Worse" episode it comes from Dixon being called "Ronny's Dutch Uncle." Dixon had a brother named Ronny who was slow and often picked on by the other kids. If Dutch saw you messing with Ronny he'd open a can of whoop ass. That's when people started calling him Ronny's Dutch Uncle, and its been a part of him ever since.

When Dixon joined the Bay City police force, he was just like any other cop. He wanted to right society's wrongs. His first partner was fired for not reading Miranda rights to a suspect. Dixon saw how a criminal could go free on a technicality while a good man lost his job for it. That and the death of his beloved brother Ronny drove Dixon to be mean, and vindictive. Soon, Dutch saw police work less as upholding the law than he did breaking it.He soon got hooked up with Bernard "Buzzy" Burrell and his band of crooked cops. Together, the officers committed countless acts of embezzlement, intimidation, bribery, robberies, and murders.

A young cop out of San Diego named Reno Raines eventually caught onto Dixon and his men. When Dixon found out Raines knew about the operations, the sparks began to fly. When the air cleared, Buzzy Burrell was dead, killed by Dixon, shot with Reno's backup .38. Reno ultimately was framed for the murder and forced to run from the law as a fugitive to try and clear his name, and bring down Dutch.

Dutch drives a Mercedes S Class and carries a Desert Eagle .45 caliber handgun on him at all times.

Meanwhile, back at Bay City...