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Donald "Donny" Dixon Jr.!
Donald "Donny" Dixon Jr.
Just like the name of the final episode of the show, Donny Dixon is a bad seed. Reno said of the Dixon boys, "They're like roaches, they get worse with each generation." Reno first encountered Donny Dixon when he and Bobby were trying to bring in a rave master named Ranger. After several tries, they were successful, and ended up be shocked and skeptical when Donny told them he was Dutch's son. They called Dutch and asked him and Dutch denied Donny's existence. It wasn't until Donny was in police custody that Dixon came looking for him. Dutch told Donny to come home, and gets straightened out if not for him then for his mother's sake. Dixon went onto ask Donny why he couldn't be more like his brother and sister. Interestingly, keeping with the lack of continuity of the show, Donny's brother and sister were never mentioned again after season 3, and afterwards, he was always portrayed as having been an only child.

In the words of Donny, he and Dutch have had "We've had more body slams than World Federation Wrestling." From Dutch charging Donny with grand theft auto when he borrowed the car, to taking all Donny's Christmas gifts back in exchange for a carton of cigarettes when he found Donny smoking, the father-son dynamics have always be strained.

In the 4th season, Donny tried to kill Dutch, with the help of Dixon's ex partner, McKenna. Donny got out of jail and came to his parents claiming to be a reborn Christian. He even had Dutch thinking the two would open a religious bookstores together. Until Donny saw the contents of Dutch's safe deposit box, a box filled with loads of stolen cash and video Dutch used for blackmail. He had his father completely fooled into thinking they has a good relationship going. That night as Dutch went to an abandoned church to take Reno into custody, Donny and McKenna showed up, ready to kill Dutch and get the key to the safe deposit box. Reno helped end the plot by teaming up with Dutch. There was gunfire, and when the smoke cleared, McKenna was dead, and Donny was shot. Dutch couldn't understand why Donny had turned on him when things appeared to be going so well. Donny replied that he despised Dutch. He also asked his father why he let Reno go when he could of had him dead to rights. "What about you tough guy? You could of had him, you could of won the war, but ya wussed, flinched!" Dixon opened the barrel of his sawed off shotgun to reveal he used the last two rounds in his gun on Donny. This would also foreshadow the final episode.

In the final episode, the Bad Seed, Donny redeems himself. After escaping a prison work group, Donny goes after Reno thinking he killed his mother. When he learned the truth, he teamed up with Reno, Bobby, and Marshal Jack Hendricks to bring his father to justice. Getting shot in the process, he was a pivotal part of the final plan as Dutch admitted killing his mother, thinking that's the last thing Donny would hear before he killed him. Hendricks came downstairs just as Dutch was going to kill Donny, and got shot himself. Dutch continued the firefight when Bobby and Reno appeared, shooting Donny, but running out of bullets just as he was about to the last fatal shot at his son.

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