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The Harley!
1990 Heritage Softail
What can I say...This is an awesome motorcycle. Here's a few stats, and pictures. Click on the picture for a larger image. Enjoy.

Able to exceeds speeds of 100mph, this 1990 Softail has a v-twin engine, Lorenzo himself personally increased the horsepower above and beyond the original 59 horsepower. At 1340cc and 628 lbs, this is a powerful ride. Anyone know where I can steal one? {sigh} J

This is obviously a great bike. I'm a little envious of Lorenzo, because not only did he get to ride this model motorcycle in the show but it's an exact replica of one of the bikes in his exensive collection as well.J I'd tell you all about his other bikes, but that's possible fodder for another page. J

Meanwhile, back at Bay City...