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Kathleen Kinmont!
Kathleen Kinmont
Kathleen Kinmont Smith was born in 1965 in Los Angeles. Her mother is Abby Dalton, a well known actress who once starred on Falcon Crest with Kathleen's ex husband Lorenzo Lamas. Her mother introduced her to Lorenzo when she was 17 and he was 26. After years of an on and off relationship, the two married and divorced 3 years later.

According to entertainment new sources, Kathleen was fired from renegade due to her comments on the Howard Stern Show, claiming Lorenzo promised her he wouldn't date on the set, and then went back on his word. Reportedly upon hearing the shoe, a livid Lorenzo, then executive producer, fired her on the spot. On a side note, Lorenzo has been on Howard's show several times since and no mention of the discussion was ever brought up.

Presently she is married to Jere Burns of "Dear John" and "Something So Right" fame. Click on the pictures below for a larger image.

Meanwhile, back at Bay City...