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L.Q. Jones!
L.Q. Jones

Born Justus E. McQueen in Beaumont, Texas, L.Q. Jones attended Port Neches-Groves High School and the University of Texas. His former college roommate, Fess Parker, went on to play TV’s “Daniel Boone” and was instrumental in getting Jones a tryout for the film Battle Cry. He adopted his stage name from the character “L.Q. Jones” which he played in the film. Although he is mostly associated with gritty roles in westerns and action films, Jones always has had a gift for comedy and he even worked as a stand-up comedian during college. In 1955, he landed the role of “Smitty” on the TV series Cheyenne. Jones left after only one season, but it hardly damaged his career. He became one of the most popular character actors not only on television, but in films such as Ride the High Country and The Wild Bunch. `In addition to acting, Jones has had success as a low-budget film producer including Brotherhood of Satan, The Witchmaker, and the sci-fi cult classic A Boy and His Dog--for which he also wrote the screenplay and directed.

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