Renegade: Where Are They Now?

1.Lorenzo Lamas - Reno Raines/Vince Black

2.Branscombe Richmond - Robert "Bobby" Standing Bear Sixkiller

3.Kathleen Kinmont - Cheyenne Philips

4.Stephen J. Cannell - Donald "Dutch" Dixon

5.Sandra Ferguson - Sandy Caruthers

6.Ron Johnson - Woodrow "Woody" Bickford

7.Geoffrey Blake - "Hound" Addams

8.Kent McCord - U.S. Marshal Jack Hendricks

1. Lorenzo Lamas - Reno Raines/Vince Black
Since the end of Renegade, Lorenzo has starred in several straight to video films and taken on a starring role in the short lived Air America. This season he began playing "Rafe" in the action adventure show "The Immortal." When not working on The Immortal, Lorenzo enjoys spending time with his wife, former Renegade co-star and Playboy model, Shauna Sand, and their daughters Alexandra and Victoria. Recently, the Lamas' welcomed a third daughter, Isabella Lorenza on Friday, February 2nd, 2001.
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2. Branscombe Richmond - Robert "Bobby" Standing Bear Sixkiller
Branscombe is currently touring with his band the "Renegade Posse" and guest starring in various TV series including Lorenzo Lamas' "The Immortal."
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3. Kathleen Kinmont - Cheyenne Philips
Kathleen is keeping busy in several straight to video feature films. In a strange turn of events, Kathlenn was married to Jere Burns in 1997. Jere was a star of the former TV show "Dear John," in which Lorenzo Lamas was a guest star the same year he and Kathleen divorced. Could there be a connection?
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4. Stephen J. Cannell - Donald "Dutch" Dixon
Since the demise of Renegade, Stephen J. Cannell has remained vacant from television. He has become a novelist, writing 7 bestselling books. Also, he recently began pre-production on the movie version of hit former TV hit, "The A-Team." Other Cannell movies in the works are Director's Cut,, The Greatest American Hero, based on one of his former TV shows, and King Con. Based on one of his novels, King Con will be starring John Travolta. Cannell also remains a ardent spokesperson on the issue of Dyslexia, for which he is aflicted. He also hosts a charity golf event in Vancouver, Canada that makes a donation to a Canadian mental health organization.
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5. Sandra Ferguson - Sandy Caruthers
Prior to Renegade, sandra was an actress on the soap "Another World." She later returned to the soap after the cancellation of renegade. When Another World was cancelled in 1997, Sandra moved on to small guest shots on TV and theatrical productions.
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6. Ron Johnson - Woodrow "Woody" Bickford
A sound editor and cameraman before his recurring Renegade role, nothing is currently found on the whereabouts of Ron Johnson. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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7. Geoffrey Blake - "Hound" Addams
After his departure from renegade in season 4, geoffrey has kept himself busy as a supporting character in films such as Apollo 13, Contact, EdTV, Castaway, and the TV show Deep Space Nine to name a few. He is also trying to produce "Recycling Hazel" a film written by his wife of 13 years, Marcia Christie.
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8. Kent McCord - U.S. Marshal Jack Hendricks
He currently appears as "Jack Crichton, Sr" on the Sci-Fi Channel series Farscape and has made guest appearances on MacGyver, Murder, She Wrote, and Diagnosis Murder (with Adam-12 co-star Martin Milner). McCord is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild and participates (with Adam-12 co-star Martin Milner) in LAPD fundraising events and autograph shows. Kent also likes to spend time with wife Cynthia and 3 grown children, Kristen, Megan, and Michael.
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