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Reno Raines!
Reno Raines
"Renegade" is the story of Reno Raines a.k.a. Vince Black, a young San Diego cop who is forced to become a modern-day bounty hunter after being framed for the murder of a cop, a murder he didn't commit. Riding the backroads of the american southwest on his classic Harley, Reno fights for justice across the country. An ex-Army airborne ranger proficient with martial arts and marksmanship, Reno uses his skills and quick wits to rescue beautiful women and always fin a way to help the little guy who may have been victimized by evildoers.

His only dream is to clear his name and see the dutch Dixon brought to justice. In the meantime he lives on the fringe of society, sleeping on the ground, eating off a campfire, and working from a cellular phone as a bounty hunter with Sixkiller Enterprises.

His alias is Vince (Vincent) Black, which was the name of a classic motorcycle called the "Vincent Black Shadow".

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Meanwhile, back at Bay City...