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A White Knight to Rescue America
By Dick DeBold, The Middletown Press
Incredible as it may seem, given the blackness of gloom into which the criminality of the George W. Bush administration has plunged me, suddenly I feel a bit of hope and light. A credible candidate for the presidency of the United States has emerged in retired General Wesley K. Clark. If his biography is true, this man ought to be made president by fiat, today. Before GWB, Dick Chaney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Condi Rice and the rest of the Washington snake pit have time to do any more looting of the future of this nation, and evidently of the world, if we give them time.

There are a lot of reasons to respect and support Clark, but as always, I have a special set of my own. Most of them are comparisons between the real¯ nature of Clark and the phony¯ fraudulent nature of George W. Bush.

The first comparison involves raw intelligence. GWB behaves as if he is in a fog. It looks to me as if he has no idea of the meaning of his rods and the actions he has caused to be done in Iraq and elsewhere. On the other hand, Clark finished FIRST in his class at West Point, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, has a master's degree from Oxford and has written a number of thoughtful and scholarly works. He can think, write and communicate.

The second comparison involves the truth about leadership, military and otherwise. George W. Bush is a reservist who went missing from duty and never really served in any action on active duty. He went bankrupt in business. He is a failed local political candidate for Congress. He publicly admits that he is a drunk.

Compare that with Clark's Silver Star, Purple Heart and many awards and service citations during 34 years. He rose to be a four-star general in command of the United States European Forces. In 2000, he was awarded the highest honor bestowed upon a civilian by the Unites States: The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

My final comparison contrasts the frank, open and compassionate nature of Clark's expressed views on the problems the United States faces at home and abroad, immediately, in the near future and over time to come. The man lays it on the line. If you have the time, and can go on line, go to the Web site established by the draft-Clark campaign. Read the published views of Clark. Then recall the nature of George W. Bush's years in office a narrow focus on enriching the already rich, full endorsement of the international rapacity of the Oil Patch, trumping-up a war in Iraq on false pretenses, the scheming to enrich a cluster of pirate companies by using the power of America to crush a sovereign nation, then build it on a cost-plus basis.

It isn't a pretty picture. Particularly ugly is the fact that we have sent our men and women in our military to duty and in harm's way on a fraudulent, dishonest scheme for self-enrichment by the Oil Patch. More and more people are showing the courage to speak out publicly against what has happened. That restores my faith in the people of America. We are basically honorable.

When I was young, I cut out two cartoons from the old New Yorker magazine and put them inside my locker aboard ship. I will describe them briefly to make my final point in support of drafting Clark.

In the first cartoon, two prisoners are suspended, spread-eagled in chains, hanging from a dungeon wall. They are in rags, and the wall is stained with their blood. One man turns to the other and says, "This is my plan!"¯

Walt Kelly, creator of the Pogo series, did the second cartoon. In this sketch, the dog and Pogo are under a tree, clutching an umbrella when a squirrel drops an acorn on the umbrella. The dog, frightened, says Pogo replies, mere as I can!¯

The two cartoons sum up the current situation for Americans. George W. Bush and his pirates have us spread-eagled in chains suspended from a wall. But, miraculously, we may have a plan.

As with Pogo and the dog under the umbrella, Americans suffering under the crush of greed and corruption by Bush and company must be¯ as they can."

America has a chance, if we can figure out a way to stop the economic carnage, moral obscenity and looting by George W. Bush and company soon enough.

General Wesley K. Clark should be nominated for the presidency of the United States of America. Further, I strongly urge Congress to appoint a special council to investigate the competency of Richard Chaney, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld and Condi Rice to serve the people of this nation.

If we can remove them, GWB might stay until election time, provided he shuts-up and appoints General Clark as administrator Pro-Temps of the United States.

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