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'Carrick O'Quinn'

Season 2, Episode 22



Written by Bill Nuss
Directed by Michael Levine
Created by Stephen J. Cannell
Produced by Lorenzo Lamas
Theme by Mike Post

Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines
Branscombe Richmond as Bobby Sixkiller
Kathleen Kinmont as Cheyenne Philips
Don Michael Paul as Sgt. Carrick O'Quinn
Cecelia Peck as Judge Sarah Jessup
Jay Acovone as Brother Mike
Melora Hardin as Laura
Robert Clohessy
Thomas Ryan as Ben Breman
Judson Scott as murderer
Joseph Campanella as Henry
Gene Lithgow
Danny Goldring
Robert Arentz as Kraft
Kirk Kinder as Clerk
Tom Ashworth as Willis
Jason Sutcliff as Pizza Man
Stephen Bair as Scotty
Alicia R. Cole as Theresa Jackson
Holly Cordan as Waitress

First broadcast in America on 9/5/1994


Reno visits his old partner, Sarah Jessup, who is now working as a judge. He rendez-vous with her in an art gallery, and asks her to help him track down the Hound. She agrees, knowing Reno to be innocent. As Reno leaves the building, he encounters a gang of art theives, one of whom shoots him. However, a member of the Special Investigations Division (SID) is on the case: Carrick O'Quinn. Unfortunately, he makes a grave error of judgement. As he confronts the head of the gang, Sarah steps out of a lift, and the gang leader grabs her. He pushes her away, and Carrick shoots: the muzzle flash blinds Sarah...

Bobby and Chey rescue Reno from the hospital, but not before a suspicious Carrick has met him (as Vince Black, of course). Carrick himself is wracked by guilt due to Sarah's injuries. He visits his brother, a priest, and tells him of his feelings. Mike, the priest, finds it hard to deal with Carrick's profession, and seems unable to help. Drawn back to Sarah, Carrick finds his heart moved with pity and sorrow. He resolves to leave the force, and he moves in next door to Sarah. He looks out for her, unknown, until a theif attempts to steal her bag. He recovers the bag, and from then on, his role in her life becomes more passive - he begins to cook for her, clean for her, and help her back into her career. However, he does this all under the pseudonym of Jack Connor. One day, Sarah asks him whether she should sue Carrick, or even bring criminal charges against him. He is unable to advise her.

In the meantime, he visits his brother again, who asks him for a favour. The owner of The Second Coming, a jazz club, has been to see him, in fear of her life as a murder witness. Carrick agrees to take a job in the bar, unknown to her, for her protection.

Sarah, meanwhile, is finding that her work has been scaled down to accomodate her disability. She is frustrated and angry, but helpless. She pleads with her superiors to bring her back into the action, but they are unco-operative.

Reno visits Sarah again, and she asks him to do some research on Carrick. He agrees, and tracks him down to the club. There, he finds that Carrick has done some research of his own, and has traced Vince Black to Reno Raines. Reno agrees to help him in return for his silence. Their alliance is put to the test when the man who is threatening the owner arrives for revenge. Reno and Carrick between them, deal with him, and take him in.

Mike, Carrick's brother, agrees to help with the trial of the man in return for a reinstatemnt of Sarah's position. The judges agree, and all is well.



Not many this episode, but here are a few.

"Part of being a judge is judging." - Hmm Sarah, quite a large part really!

"Everyone has pain, Carrick. It's how you deal with it that makes you who you are." - dodgy philosophy, especially from a priest!

"Men and women aren't supposed to understand each other's moods." - an enigmatic Carrick to Sarah.

"The Lord says 'Waste not, want not.'" - Hmmm. A huge prize to the first person to find biblical evidence of this...


Was originally meant to be a pilot episode for a Carrick O'Quinn themed Renegade spinoff series.

Why does Reno ask Sarah for help. She has no direct link with police files, and Chey has already been revealed as an expert computer hacker. Why can't she do it?

Why does the art thief push Sarah away when he has such a good hostage?

Is it standard hospital procedure to send the newly-blind home for the first time unnacompanied?

Without wanting to be callous... when Carrick calls to visit Sarah, she has a lamp on in her room? This would be quite a difficult thing to do with a lack of vision, and for what? It's not like it'll help her see, after all!

Mike tells Carrick of the club-owner's confession. This violates the rules of priesthood.

Carrick gets his job at the jazz club without references, or anything like that. He also displays a remarkably coincidental knowledge of cocktails.

Sarah asks Reno to look into Carrick's police file. Surely as a judge, she would have an easier job than him in doing this.

Of course, Carrick finds the Vince Black / Reno Raines connection instantly, just like others have in the past. No-one, as yet, has acted on this information.

During the car chase sequence, Carrick is spread over the back windscreen. The glass in this windscreen shatters. In the next shot, it has vanished completely (very neat.) Carrick is unhurt completely. Then, when Carrick stops distracting the driver, he has an accident and the car spins over and over turns. Fortunately, the villain is IMMEDIATELY able to climb, uninjured, out of the car.


"An interesting episode with some good ideas. However, with almost an absence of regular characters, one would scarcely know that this is Renegade
Some good action scenes, but otherwise an 'emotional' episode." 3 / 5

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