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Renegade is based in ficticious Bay City, California. It is the story of San Diego cop Reno Raines and his fight to clear his name after he is framed for murder. The story began in 1992 Reno was a cop in San Diego, and seriously considering retiring from police to seek employment with his fiances father's construction company. He was called to Bay City by his old police academy buddy Harrison "Harry" Wells, who, at the time, was Assistant District Attorney for the city. He was alerted to corrupt cops working within his police depeartment, and he needed a cop to go undercover to investigate them. Since Reno wasn't known to anyone in Bay City, he was a perfect choice.

After compliling evidence against the officers, Reno took what he knew to a meeting with high ranking officials of th Bay City PD and District Attorrney's office. One f the attendees of this meeting was police Lt. Donald "Duch" Dixon, the head of a division of low level corrupt cops, working off the books. He informed Burrell that Raines was onto them and something had to be done. Buzzy Burrell got Hogg Adams out of jail on a day pass and makes a deal with him. He could escape if he agreed to kill Reno. Hogg was eager to take Burell up on the offer. As he was trying to take Hogg into custody, Reno had nearly killed him. Reno had also crippled Hogg's younger borother Hound. Burrell told Hogg to make it look like a suicide. Instead, Hogg breaks down the door and kills Reno's fiance in the ensuing firefight. Escaping out the back door, Reno narrowly avoids running into Burrell who ran into the room to check out Hogg's handywork. However, Burrell wasn't alone. Picking up the revolver Hogg dropped on his way out, Lt. Dixon entered the room. Using Reno's gun, Dixon kills Sgt. Burrell. The next day an APB was sent out for Raines and he was charged with murdering Burell.

Wanting Reno back in custody so he can have him killed in prison, Dixon hires top of the line bounty hunter Bobby Sixkiller to track Raines down and bring him back. After some hesitation, Bobby agress and along with computer expert Cheyenne, they hit the road, eventually finding both Hogg and Reno together. At first Bobby doesn't believe Renos story of innocence, but is convinced of the truth when Reno saves he and Cheyenne from Hogg's biker buddies. Knowing he would never clear his name from a prison cell, Reno took his Harley and ran. He remains an operative of Sixkiller Enterprises, recieving 85% of the revenue from all the bounties he brings in, all the while he keeps looking Hound and the for the evidence that Hound possesses that Reno can use to clear his name.



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